Don't Let Hand Pain Keep You from Flossing
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Don't Let Hand Pain Keep You from Flossing

I am proud to say that I have all my own teeth at the age of 65. While that may not sound unusual to some people, everyone in my family who is my age or older wears dentures. I always tell people that that flossing is the key to good dental health. I have arthritis in my hands, but I don't let it keep me from flossing every day. My trick is to use those little "flossers" you can buy at the drug store. They have plastic handles floss stretched out on top of the handle. These make flossing easier on days when my arthritis is acting up. I started this blog to let other people know that they can keep their teeth healthy into old age when they take care of them. If you have hand pain, find ways to make flossing easier, like I did.

Don't Let Hand Pain Keep You from Flossing

Encourage Your Child To Prolong The Life Of Dental Sealants Through These Habits

Francis Miles

Many pediatric dentists will recommend the use of dental sealants for children. This simple and durable coating is placed onto the biting surfaces of the molars can go a long way toward preventing cavities among children — especially among those who aren't careful about brushing their teeth thoroughly. As a parent, you'll want to arrange a dental appointment for your child to get dental sealants, but you'll also want to talk to him or her about some ways to prolong the life of the sealant. Here are some suggestions to make.

Don't Grind

Some children can develop a habit of grinding their teeth, and there can be many different reasons that your child may do so. Talk to him or her about the hazards of this behavior. In addition to wearing down the teeth and potentially opening the door to dental sensitivities, grinding may also jeopardize the integrity of the dental sealants. If you notice your child grinding, gently remind him or her of the problems with doing so. You may want to attempt to identify why your child is engaging in this habit, too. Some children grind their teeth because of stress. If this is the case, looking into some type of stress management for your child can be good for his or her teeth and overall health.

Don't Chew

Similarly, you may sometimes notice your child chewing on hard objects such as pens or pencils, toys, or other household things. Hard chewing on the molars that have the dental sealants can have the potential to wear away at the sealants prematurely. Talk to your child about this problem — reminding him or her that if he or she wears away the sealants and then doesn't brush thoroughly, cavities are a legitimate threat. When you see your child chewing something, you may have to reiterate this lesson.

Report Any Issues

Dental sealants should remain intact for a long time, but there's a small risk of them chipping away from the teeth. Your child might not notice such a scenario, but it's also possible that he or she could detect this material in the mouth. Ask your child to be aware of this possibility and if it occurs, to report it to you right away. A damaged area of sealant has the ability to wear off quickly, leaving the tooth exposed. If your child is vigilant about informing you of what has happened, you can return to the dentist to have the tooth in question inspected, cleaned, and resealed.

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